Annoying: Boards Drop Down Change Into Keywording.

Hey, I just noticed that as the brand or inspiration you want to track increases, the "Save to Adnova Button" becomes extremely tiring. Why? Because of the "Select Boards Drop Down". I only have two boards currently but with sub-folders. If you calculate the number of clicks per one "Save to Adnova Button", it's massive! If I were you, please take my advice to enhance the user experience by using keywording.Instead of "Select boards", use the actual keyword name of the folder I want to save. For example, if my board is "Appsumo", instead of clicking with four extra clicks, it will be reduced to one click by pasting the word "Appsumo" and then clicking Save to Adnova Button.If the keyword isn't there, there should be an error message. It's a terrible experience for me to click through multiple folders.Imagine how many clicks that happening to me when saving one ad. 1. Click Select Boards Drop Down Button - Click 12. Click the Main-Folder Button - Click 13. Click the Sub- Folder Button - Click 14. Click "Save to Adnova" - Click 1= 4 ClicksNow If we will use keywording1. Paste the Keyword - Click 12. Click "Save to Adnova" - Click 1= 2 Clicks

ManagedByQ 5 days ago